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Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

Project: Model for Sustainable Business Practices

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia is a leader in the Australian automotive industry. Toyota is committed to managing its environmental foot print across the vehicle life cycle and has established targets that drive this performance.

Guided by Toyota Motor Corporations Earth Charter and global action plan, TMCA has established its local 5 year Environment Plan to 2010/11.

This covers issues across the vehicle life cycle including waste and resource use at both production and non-production facilities as well as guiding programs for dealers , suppliers and staff awareness.

The plan gives targets for reduction in resources such as CO2 emissions, water and waste. Through the use of energy audits and investing in new technologies and equipment such as the single Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser to replace 6 older incinerators to aid in the management of solvent emissions, the automotive company has not only improved efficiency from 60 % to 98 %, but also reduced CO2 emissions by 1212 tonnes per year.

The car maker has also achieved a 32 % reduction on CO2 emissions, 22% reduction in water consumption and 18 % reduction in general waste per vehicle in 2007/08.

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