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Toyota and Nissan show automotive resiliency, says 2011 report

The global automotive industry has shown considerable growth this past year, largely driven by an economic recovery in classic European markets, a resurgence of the US automotive industry and high demand for cars in China, the latest annual global brand value report has revealed.

According to The12th Annual Best Global Brands Report, Toyota has held on to its position as the world’s number one automotive brand, having placed 11th in the overall annual study. Toyota improved six percentage points in terms of performance over the past year to hold on to its position.

Toyota held on it top-rank position achievement based on a number of reasons, including its ability to weather out the impact the Japan earthquake and tsunami earlier this year has on its global business.

"Even though Toyota faced both an internal crisis and an external crisis, the company forged ahead by focusing on safety and quality, modifying its leadership structure and capitalising on its world-renown green efforts," the report reads.

Japan’s second largest carmaker Nissan Motor was named number 90 in the brand report. The ranking marks the company’s return to Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report for the first time since 2007.

“Nissan was able to restock inventories faster than its competitors immediately following the earthquake that devastated Japan last March. In doing so, Nissan proved to be resilient during a difficult time for both the company and its home country — and managed to increase its brand value as a result,” the report states.

The Interbrand report rankings are based on the assessment of three key areas that contribute to overall brand value: the financial performance of branded products and services; the role of the brand in purchase decisions; and the strength of the brand in securing earnings for a company.

Businesses which has improved its performance in the report, showed their ability in "adapting to a new reality" in an uncertain business climate, the report states.

 To read the report, click here.

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