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Top tips for choosing a bulk handling system

1. If you require a bulk handling conveyor, select a manufacturer offering both mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems, ensuring that your equipment recommendation is based on the most efficient solution to your specific problem, not on the limited equipment a supplier may offer. Similarly, if your system will incorporate bulk bag unloaders, your supplier should offer numerous types of unloaders, again ensuring that a limited selection of equipment will not influence the recommendation you receive.

2. Thorough testing by your supplier is essential to determine which equipment configuration best fills your automated batching requirement. It is therefore critical that your supplier’s test facility contains a greater diversity of equipment than you ultimately purchase. It is advisable that production-scale tests should be run on this equipment using your actual materials; simulating your process.

3. Your supplier should be thoroughly experienced in engineering and installing the equipment and systems upstream and downstream of the equipment you intend to purchase, in order to recommend the optimum equipment for your application.

4. You should select a supplier that manufactures in Australia and that maintains a broad selection of spares, and that has other manufacturing locations worldwide, should you need to standardise equipment at foreign plant locations.

5. You should select a manufacturer that can assume complete responsibility for your system, which may include equipment of other manufacturers, that can integrate your equipment with new or existing processes.

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