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Top ten 3D manufacturing trends identified

Vivek Srinivasan and Jarrod Bassan, from the Australian branch of global IT services company CSC, have identified ten trends in 3D manufacturing to watch out for in 2013 and further than that.

Writing as guest contributors to Forbes magazine, Srinivasan and Bassan, co-authors of the report 3D Printing and The Future of Manufacturing, look at what the increasing availability and affordability of the technique will mean.

The pair predict that 3D printing, where a printer forms a liquid resin into a usable object with a laser beam, will contribute more and more industrial components to the things consumers use every day, such as cars and appliances.

It will also be used in more and more medical applications. It is used currently to make things such as orthopaedic devices and bone implants.

Customisation will become the norm, predicts the CSC duo, with the gap in cost between custom-made and standard products shrinking. The time between product concept and design will also shrink, with more consideration able to be given to function.

New business models will emerge as the technology becomes more and more common and entrepreneurs look at ways to take advantage of it.

Other trends laid out include “3D print shops open at the mall”, “Heated debates on who owns the rights emerge”, “New products with magical properties will tantalize us”, “New machines grace the factory floor” and 3D printing used in schools.

To read Srinivasan and Bassan’s post, click here.


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