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When it comes to toolboxes, they are like cars — there are the high-end models and the economy savers. The performance and longevity of tools will depend on what maintenance professionals and businesses are willing to invest in tool storage.

David Malthouse is BSC’s resident tool aficionado, with a deep knowledge and understanding of the special and nuanced features that make a premium quality tool. “Good quality tools deserve a good quality home,” he says. “Every workshop can extend the life of their tools by housing them properly and a reliable tool cabinet is a lifetime investment if you source it from the right supplier.”

The Product Specialist discusses BSC’s longstanding relationship with Australian owned and operated SP Tools and their new premium grade tool cabinets, suitable for both the sole proprietor’s workshop, and a more industrial scale workshop.

The new SP Tools Sumo Series Roller Cabinets range in their storage capacities and offer modular top hutch combinations for a complete workstation solution. “For large operations that have workshops spread across different divisions for quick turnarounds on repairs, this is an ideal solution,” says David. “You might see a product like this in a food production plant where they are fixing large machines. For example, sugar mills have huge workshops on site because if they don’t take equipment and work on it in house, they can spoil a whole batch of product.”

One of their most notable features of the SP Tools Sumo Series Roller Cabinets is their heavy-duty quality. The walls are double graded steel, constructed from 1.5mm thickness steel, which David notes is about a millimetre greater thickness in steel than the industry standard.

“The steel drawers on this unit can hold up to about 120kg in tools that can be removed and treated as an individual kit for workers who need to tow their tools around site,” says David.

“The beauty of this kit is that a technician can have a one-stop station for all of their tools and equipment. It also includes multiple power stations for charging and storing cordless tools, portable lighting devices and diagnostic equipment. Picture an entire workshop in one place, on wheels.”

Importantly, end-users can be sure of the integrity of the SP Tools Sumo product as each batch manufactured is tested independently to standard, which allows them to provide a great warranty guarantee, according to David.

“SP Tools is our preferred hand tool brand in all of our branches, because their quality control is unparalleled,” says David. “All of their products are rigorously tested, as opposed to some of the opposition brands that go by a factory standard that all the products are tested against. Each batch of SP Tools’ products is tested and re-tested, and backed by a continuous feedback loop of results,”

Unlike many tool companies that cater to a specific industry, the SP Tool range extends across all industries — farming, manufacturing, mining, transport, and heavy industry. According to David, BSC and SP Tools enjoy a symbiotic supplier relationship due to their willingness to customise stock for BSC stores based on which industries are being targeted at each location.

“We like to tailor our branch products and services by location to cater to the local industry for each of our branches, which extends to a wide network across the country,” concludes David. “SP Tools shares our interest in working across industries and segments which allows us to better serve our customers and better represent SP’s range of offerings. Importantly, SP regularly reinvents their supply efforts and in-store displays, so customers will find a dynamic offering of SP stock at every BSC location.”


SP Sumo Series Roller Cabinets Features and Benefits

  • Double wall heavy duty steel wall construction – using 1.5mm (14.5ga) steel as a standard.
  • Extra height for more clearance – 1,855mm (6’1”)
  • On-board power for charging and storing cordless tools, lighting, and diagnostic equipment with a unique on-board magnetic attachment system
  • Super duty spring loaded casters that support up to 400kg
  • SP Max BBS drawer slides that are rated at 60kg per drawer and 120kg for the wider and deeper drawers
  • SP One-Touch Cliklok is a single handed open and release function for securing drawers closed or easy opening
  • Ultraviolet (UV) powder coating that combines the advantages of thermosetting powder coatings with those of liquid ultraviolet cure coating technologies


Top Hutch Combination Includes:

  • Magnetic mount power board with 4 power outlets and 2 USB ports, ideal for power tools, chargers, etc
  • 2 Power board cable access ports
  • Steel pegboard rear wall to organise frequently used tools
  • 2 Built-in 600mm LED lights
  • Fixed full length shelf
  • Dual gas strut security panel stays
  • Security panel folds away into hutch
  • Internal locking system for extra security

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