Toledo pulling out all the stops on production


A puller is like a mechanical arm for maintenance and production. If the puller breaks, then inevitably downtime will be extended.

“Anywhere there is a bearing fitted, you will find a puller,” says David Malthouse, Product Manager at BSC.

Toledo, a registered brand of Tridon Australia, is a leading name in quality hand tools. According to David, some of BSC’s sales representatives have been working with the Tridon Toledo range for more than forty years.

“Tridon has a full range of bearing fitment tools. A lot of products need separation, housing, and gearboxes. To do that, it requires mounting and dismounting tools such as a puller. That’s where Toledo tools come in handy.”

The Toledo puller program, which BSC has had underway since the beginning of this year, will see the roll out of Toldeo stands to the entire network of BSC stores across the country.

The puller range from Toldeo is extensive, ranging from various sizes of three-leg pullers to hydraulic pullers, mechanical pullers, and axial split kits for pulling axles out of a vehicle.

“The Toledo product range has grown to over 3200 products over the years. The puller program across BSC will include a few hundred different Toldeo products,” says David.

The advantage with the Toledo range, according to David, is that their hydraulic cylinders are interchangeable with their other products. Kits are modular which means there will never be just one kit on site. Parts can be mixed and matched to suit an application.

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