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Times are changing for welding industry, says Kemppi CEO

The CEO of global welding company Kemmpi Oy has commented that its industry is experiencing a number of shifts, including the increasing role of software technology and automation, and demands for welders to be technical experts.

Anssi Rantasalo, CEO of Kemppi, based in Finland and parent company of Kemppi Australia, recently visited Australia. He commented that overall, the need for high-quality work in manufacturing and in areas such as offshore work, was pushing welding companies to increase the sophistication of what they produced.

“Today's welding equipment is far smarter, offering greater capability and it's a trend that will continue,” he said.

“Manufacturing welding equipment is no longer just about creating machines that a welder can use. It's now about developing and combining software with welding machines to create a sophisticated piece of equipment that helps the welder complete a quality job quicker and easier.”

Rantasalo also noted that the welder of today was required to have much greater knowledge of safety and of the work they were doing, and that safety had become more of a focus.

“Today a capable welder has to have an understanding of metals, chemistry, electrical knowledge and information technology to be able to weld effectively and manage the process.

'It's also far safer. Many of the welding machines on the market today are light to carry and have inbuilt safety controls.

'Traditionally the role has been seen as a grimy job that exposes the individual to safety hazards. However, the role is altering thanks to advances in technology. The state-of-the-art equipment available today helps to make the welder's role cleaner, more sophisticated and productive.”

He also noted that a general shortage of welding skill around the world was driving the need to serve markets that were requiring increased automation.


Pictured: David Green, Kemppi Australia managing director, and Anssi Rantasalo. 

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