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Timber manufacturer reopens WA mills

Queensland timber manufacturer Parkside Timber has purchased two timber mills in South-West Western Australia.

The company bought Auswest Timbers’ Greenbushes mill and Nannup Timber Processing, in part to grow its sustainable timber manufacturing operations.

Parkside Timber is certified as a Chain of Custody timber producer, which defines the timber used by Parkside as Responsible Wood. The company will build on their sustainable credentials by utilising Western Australia’s sustainably managed forestry resources.

Once the purchase is completed, the Manjimup processing centre will be reopened, after closing in 2016. Secondary processing will also be carried out in WA, in part through a $1.5 million finger jointing machine for the processing of furniture, long-length flooring, and decking.

“This is the largest native forest industry private investment consolidation and restructure in 15 years which will secure hundreds of direct and indirect jobs in the industry,” said WA Forestry Minister, Dave Kelly.

WA’s native forestry industry contributes $220 million to the WA economy, as well as 800 jobs.

“The native forestry sector is an important employer and economic contributor that supplies our community with sustainable, renewable building materials and other timber products,” said Kelly.

In July 2019, the WA government released its Djarlma Plan, which set out a future for the WA forestry industry. The Plan sought to balance environmental and economic considerations in the WA forestry industry. Kelly noted that Parkside Timber’s plans to use regrowth fitted with the objectives of the plan.

“I welcome Parkside’s commitment to creating high-value timber products from smaller, younger regrowth trees.”

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