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Thyssenkrupp announces new business ‘reorganisation’

A new group transformation program had led to massive organisational change at thyssenkrupp’s industrial solutions division.

The company’s current ‘strategic way forward’ initiative has developed new structures at its Industrial Solutions and Steel Europe division, resulting in leadership changes and a refocusing.

“The organisational changes will put customers and markets more firmly at the centre, also reflecting thyssenkrupp’s new brand promise,” the company said.

“In addition, numerous changes of personnel in the company’s leadership team will support thyssenkrupp’s transformation process. A gradual transition to a younger generation is being ushered in at several operating units. At the same time the Group’s regional organisation is being internationalised further.”

Jens Michael Wegmann, CEO of the Industrial Solutions business area, is currently reorganising the Group’s plant engineering operations as part of the transformation program “planets”.

“The aim is to secure growth, enhance performance, focus more strongly on customers, markets and high-margin service business, and drive culture change within the business area,” he said.

A central element of this is the development of the organisation towards a management structure focused on customers and business fields and integrating the Marine Systems and System Engineering units.

A new position of chief operating officer will be created on the board of the Industrial Solutions business area to meet these extended management tasks.

Johan P. Cnossen will also join the leadership team of Industrial Solutions and manage the transformation office for the implementation of “planets”.

In this newly created function he will report directly to CEO Wegmann.

Cnossen, who studied business management and engineering, was previously CEO of KHD Humboldt Wedag International AG; prior to that he held management positions at various international plant engineering companies such as Jacobs, AkerKvaerner and Ruhrgas Industries.

A new CEO will also lead the business’ System Engineering division.

Ingo Steinkrüger will be appointed new CEO of thyssenkrupp System Engineering effective July 1.

He will succeed Bernd Becker.

System Engineering is a systems partner for all key elements of the car body and powertrain process chains in the automotive industry.

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