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Thru-the-tool fluidisation

THE Tornado system is a high velocity, thru-the-tool system for fixed machine tools using coolant inducers with high efficiency lubricants.

It is said to be unique in that it permits nearly unrestricted air flow and minimum pressure drop to the cutting tool.

To turn the unit on and off the air supply must be interrupted by either a ball valve, solenoid valve, or air pilot valve.

The unit dispenses lubricant at the rate of 0.2 to 1.0 drops per cycle with 5-200 cycles per minute. This produces a total range of output of 1-200 drops/minute (.033cc to 6.67cc per minute).

Threaded tool connection allows for direct connection to a coolant inducer or the addition of a quick connect socket.

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Unist Australia 02 8850 2022.

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