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The sound of efficiency – voice directed picking

VISITORS to Sydney Olympic Park recently started their day with more than just cereal or toast as the power of voice picking technology was demonstrated at a breakfast seminar.

Coming from a broad range of industries, guests watched as Dematic’s Real Time Logistics group explained why many of Australasia’s leading companies are making the switch to voice directed picking.

Attendees heard how the latest hardware, software and interfacing techniques have reduced the cost and complexity of systems integration.

Using Vocollect Voice technology, voice directed computing prompts the operator through a series of pre-programmed tasks with verbal commands transmitted in real-time by a RF system that interfaces with the user’s host platform, typically a WMS or ERP system.

The operator wears a small headset and the lightweight, portable voice-computer is attached to a belt around their waist, keeping both hands free to pick.

Attendee Kelly Fulton, DC Manager, Bras n Things, was not only impressed by the system’s ability to detect picking errors, but the capability for the microphone to block out background noise.

“Also the advantage of having both hands available and not having to constantly pick up a RF scanner and replace it has obvious benefits,” Fulton said.

She said implementing the technology into the company’s operations would largely depend on the cost and the way the new technology is received by employees.

“If it proves viable, I would consider phasing in the technology as the RF scanners break down,” Fulton said.

“Another challenge would be mainly the fear factor of new technology. At the moment our experienced pickers are very comfortable with RF scanners, but I think this could easily be overcome.”

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