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The Queensland Advanced Biomanufacturing Network to commence operations

The evening of May the 8th will mark the official launch of the Queensland Advanced Bio-manufacturing Network.

The network recognises the influx of global bio-manufacturing companies that are setting up capabilities in Queensland and how this provides an opportunity for the state to lead the nation in this field. 

The network brings together a number of industry, government and research bodies who have a stake in biomedical, energy, and food solutions, and who want to see those opportunities grow. 

The Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) has taken point on this because of its unique standing in the local biomanufacturing ecosystem.

The AIBN has research expertise, the facilities, equipment, and connections to take industry ideas and develop them into commercial prototypes, ready for scaling up.  

Because of the capability to turn concepts into products, the AIBN has already a lot of work in mRNA technologies, vaccines, radiopharmaceuticals, theranostics, organoids, green fuels, and synthetic foods.

The launch event will take place on the evening of May 8 at the AIBN, located on the University of Queensland campus in St Lucia.

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