The perfect match: Introducing the GA FLX compressor

Atlas Copco have done it again. With the invention of the GA FLX dual-speed compressor, the industry leader has given compressed air users another option. The first dual-speed compressor is the perfect solution if you’re looking for compressor energy savings but are not ready yet for a variable speed drive.

A dual-speed is a completely new type of screw compressor. As the name indicates, it has two speeds. Like a fixed-speed model, it can run at the very top of its capacity when air demand is at its peak. However, it also features a lower speed when air demand goes down. This reduced speed helps minimise energy consumption during unload.

“Dual-speed compressors significantly reduce transient and unload losses. In fact, they can cut energy use by 20 per cent compared to the fixed-speed alternative,” said product manager, Roshan Kumbla from Atlas Copco.

“That makes them much more energy efficient – and less expensive to operate – than fixed-speed compressors.”

Other benefits of dual-speed compressors include that they can start (faster) under pressure and allow flexible pressure setting without loss of air flow or FAD.

A closer look at the GA FLX

The GA FLX is the world’s first dual-speed compressor. Atlas Copco developed and built the GA FLX to give you valuable energy savings (up to 20 per cent) no fixed-speed compressor can.

Thanks to its next-generation engineering and connectivity, it also offers optimal air delivery at every pressure set point for superior performance and flexibility. In short, the GA FLX brings the innovation that will make a real difference to your operation and your bottom line.

One of the best features of the GA FLX is, it can be converted to fully VSD option, with just a ”click” of a button. With a VSD option, up to 50 per cent energy savings can be achieved.

After 1000 hrs of operation, the GA FLX automatically gives an energy consumption evaluation, which will show by switching to VSD option, how much more energy can be saved. “This can help customer with hard data to calculate the ROI by switching to VSD option in the future.” explains Kumbla.

GA FLX range is presently available in the 11-30kW range, with a wide range of options & ancillaries to add on. “It should be a no brainer to take advantage of the GA FLX, which will help in getting any present or future government rebate schemes for energy efficiency improvements.” said Kumbla.

5 reasons you will love the GA FLX

20 per cent energy savings

The GA FLX’s 20 per cent energy savings (compared a fixed-speed compressor) have a significant financial impact. They can also contribute to reaching your sustainability goals.

Flexible pressure setting

Unlike fixed-speed compressors, the GA FLX allows for flexible pressure selection without compromising the air flow or FAD. It works optimally at any pressure setting.

A smaller footprint

The GA FLX is super compact. In fact, it is 50 per cent smaller than the fixed-speed GA counterpart. This gives you maximum installation flexibility.

Image: Atlas Copco

Customised performance

The GA FLX comes with a wide range of options that allow you to tailor your unit’s performance to your environment, your application, and your operational goals.

Advanced connectivity

Powered by the state-of-the-art Elektronikon Touch operating system and the SMARTLINK app for remote monitoring and performance insights, the GA FLX meets and exceeds all your connectivity requirements.

Dual-speed is a really big deal

The fundamentals of compressing air rarely change. That makes the introduction of the dual-speed compressor by Atlas Copco a really big deal. Unlike traditional fixedspeed compressors, a dual-speed unit can modulate down to a minimum motor speed during unload and can start under pressure to give you double-digit energy savings. In addition, it delivers optimal flow at any pressure setting for a truly versatile performance.

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Image: Atlas Copco

Want to see what the GA FLX looks like in your facility? Atlas Copco can give you an Augmented Reality sneak peek. Just scan the QR code with your mobile device and take a look.

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