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The many advantages of single vendor high horsepower Integrated Drive Systems

Assembling a drive train the traditional way is very often a massive engineering challenge involving co-ordination with multiple vendors. Used across all industries, drive trains are conventionally assembled by specifying and sourcing individual components such as electric drives, electric motors, gearboxes and couplings from different manufacturers, burdening the user with excessive project management as well as responsibility for quality.

Assembling high power drive trains with a power capacity exceeding 1000 HP (750 kW) presents even greater challenges. Typically deployed in major industries such as mining, oil and gas, and cement, these drive trains play a critical role in maximising productivity, reliability and energy efficiency. Project engineers, already burdened with time and budget constraints, are forced to spend time identifying vendors for multiple components, assessing each vendor’s capability, negotiating quotes, service agreements and warranties, and managing delivery schedules before engineering the drive train. All these processes not only add to the project cost but also increase the risk.

Mitigating risk with Integrated Drive Systems

A completely custom engineered drive train package built with components designed to work with each other, an Integrated Drive System (IDS) eliminates the performance- and cost-inefficiencies of conventional drive trains with a single vendor controlling the entire process from component selection to system engineering to meet the user-specified design.

Going beyond simply matching the right components for the Integrated Drive System, the single vendor approach optimises the design and assembly process, with the client getting the assurance of a drive train engineered specifically to meet the dynamics of the end application.

Siemens has streamlined the business processes associated with high horsepower drive train assembly to deliver Integrated Drive Systems that lower total cost of ownership through careful selection of components exceeding technical, performance and reliability requirements; and validation of components’ mechanical fit and performance specifications prior to installation.

Siemens Integrated Drive Systems

Siemens’ standardised business processes ensure each Integrated Drive System order is managed individually and efficiently with customised solutions and system integration services handled by the in-house Operations and Engineering Center (OEC). The OEC specialises in IDS projects for mining, oil and gas, and cement industries among many more, functioning as a business centre to facilitate collaboration across all business units within Siemens to support each IDS engineering project.

Siemens custom engineers an Integrated Drive System using components from a global base of proven products to optimise system performance and reduce design and delivery risk. The customer benefits from a streamlined procurement process; a single point of contact for pre-sale purchase administration; front-end quotation and specification process; single vendor to service, repair and upgrade; simplified maintenance of a complex system; coordinated logistics management; smooth single point post-sale warranty administration; and assured support throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Siemens leverages the synergies of its globally proven portfolio of drive technologies comprising of SINAMICS electric drives, SIMOTICS electric motors and Flender mechanical drives including gear units and couplings to custom engineer a co-ordinated package of high horsepower Integrated Drive Systems for its customers.

Siemens Integrated Drive Systems for Mining, Oil & Gas and Cement Industries


Mining companies can take advantage of Siemens’ single vendor custom engineering capabilities for high power turnkey Integrated Drive Systems to achieve significant improvements in productivity, energy efficiency and equipment availability, and maximise overall operational performance. Mining engineering teams can also leverage Siemens’ extensive mining experience and IDS approach to pursue optimised solutions that best fit the operation, especially in large conveyor or ball mill applications. Key outcomes for the mining company will include simplified equipment design, higher productivity and lower purchase and lifecycle costs.

Oil & Gas

Cost-saving integrated solutions from Siemens Drive Technologies spanning the entire drive train have been deployed by the oil and gas industry in upstream, midstream, and downstream activities, especially in exploration, production and refining to provide a high return on investment by lowering lifecycle costs. Siemens’ Integrated Drive System is a good fit for pipeline compressor stations and pumping stations while its load commutated inverter (LC-I) based drives deliver energy efficient operation in high-power and high-voltage applications. Siemens’ broad product portfolio meets the needs of oil and gas projects that mostly require customised drive train solutions.


Being a capital and energy-intensive sector, the cement industry demands efficiency, reliability and economy for long-term operational performance. The high energy dependency of cement plants can be optimised with the use of high-performance motors, more efficient production machinery, and an integrated drive train system, helping improve the bottom line. Siemens offers an extended portfolio of large horsepower motors and large drives and application-specific mechanical drive solutions in addition to customised drive train solutions specially developed for the cement industry. The EMPP (electrical motor and two planetary gears) for instance, is an integrated drive system that uses a motor specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of large vertical roller mills up to 15 MW.

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