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Thailand open to Australian Industry 4.0 support

Australia is well-placed to take advantage of the economic transformation of one of its nearest neighbours, with Thailand adopting an Industry 4.0 to promote and support innovation, creativity, research and development (R&D), higher technologies and green technologies.

The program hopes to modernise industries and supply chains with the incorporation of smart technologies and digital innovation.

With Australia containing the knowledge of how to implement such transformations, the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre’s (IMCRC) managing director and CEO, David Chuter, was sent by Austrade to make the case for Australian industry in Thailand’s transformation.

“There are many real opportunities to strengthen existing government-to-government, business-to-business and university-to-university links,” said Chuter.

According to Austrade and Chuter, Australian businesses with experiencing implementing R&D will be particularly in demand.

“There are collaboration opportunities in R&D for example, as one of Thailand 4.0’s aims is to increase R&D expenditure to 4 per cent of GDP,” said Chuter

Australian businesses seeking to grow their operations with an overseas subsidiary may also be able to grow through this strategy, with the experience of manufacturers such as ANCA, which produces computer controlled metal grinding machines, and Fibre King, a packaging manufacturer instructive in this regard.

“There are opportunities for Australian businesses to provide expertise in the areas of automation systems and robotics, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smart factories, smart manufacturing, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, electric vehicles and autonomous technologies,” said Susan Kahwati, Austrade’s senior trade and investment manager in Thailand.

Austrade can provide support to Australian companies that wish to grow their business in Thailand.

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