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Tetra Pak’s new plant operates on 100% green energy

Tetra Pak has announced the inauguration of its new packaging material plant in Hohhot, Northern China which operates completely on power from renewable resources — ‘green electricity’.

As one of Tetra Pak’s most advanced manufacturing facilities for aseptic carton packages worldwide, the new plant in Hohhot marks a significant milestone in Tetra Pak’s increasing presence in China.

Tetra Pak invested €60 million to build the plant, bringing total investment in the country to €250 million, with a total capacity of approximately 50 billion packs a year in its four Chinese plants.

The Hohhot facility is the first manufacturing plant in Inner Mongolia and among the first in China, to exclusively use green electricity.

The plant consumes an estimated 20 million kWh of green power annually, which corresponds to an estimated saving of 16,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

The green electricity supplied to Tetra Pak comes primarily from wind power.

Dennis Jönsson, President of and CEO of the Tetra Pak Group, who presided over the inauguration ceremony, said, “Thirty years ago when China had just started its economic reform, Tetra Pak came here with a strong belief in the country’s market potential.

“We are grateful for the trust that the Chinese dairy and beverage industry has shown us during this period and for the opportunity of participating in the growth of this industry with our innovative technology and service solutions.

“Today, China has become one of our largest worldwide markets and will continue to be central to our strategy in the future,” Jönsson said.

“This new plant is another example of our focus on resource-efficient production and our commitment to protecting the environment. By putting leading environmental programmes into every part of our business we believe we will continue to deliver competitive advantages to our customers,” said Jönsson.

A full copy of Tetra Pak’s Environmental and Social Report can be downloaded from .

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