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Tesla Powerwall to be sold, installed next year by CSR

CSR Bradford will begin supplying and installing Tesla Powerwall batteries in the Australian market, starting early next year.

Fairfax and others report on the announcement, which states there would be a $10,000 price to provide and install a 7 kilowatt hour unit.

Executive general manager of the building products company, Anthony Tannous, said the announcement followed interest from consumers and developers, and made sense given the company’s solar business.

"We've been looking at batteries for the last two years and from our research Tesla is probably the pick of the lot," he told Fairfax.

He also cited the success of Tesla's electric cars.

"To be honest, probably the thing for me is that they've got a  battery-powered car out there that has been going around for a while. It's probably the only system you can test-drive."

The press release from Bradford lauded the Powerwall’s “fully automated operation, simple installation and no maintenance; sleek and stylish design at 1.3m x 0.86m and a depth of only 18cm for architectural appeal; flexibility to install indoors or outdoors; and simple control via web and mobile app interfaced with the specialised inverter.”

The news follows an announcement last week that Origin Energy has partnered with Tesla to deliver the battery systems to the Australian market.

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