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Tennant launches new compact sweepers tackling the ever-growing warehouse and logistic market

Tennant has raised the bar with the launch of their latest compact battery ride-on sweeper models S680 and S780.

Designed for light to medium-duty cleaning, these sweepers offer a self-cleaning filter system, operator ease of use, unparalleled efficiency and versatility. Delivering exceptional performance in both indoor and outdoor cleaning applications, leaving traditional cleaning methods in the dust.

The Power of Tennant’s Latest Sweepers

The S680 and S780 sweepers are Tennant engineered to deliver exceptional cleaning performance, thanks to their advanced features and robust design. Equipped with a powerful vacuum fan and dual side brushes (standard) for a cleaning path of up to 1050 mm (S680) and 1200mm (S780), these electric sweepers can provide single pass, edge-to-edge sweeping capturing dust, debris, and litter in high-traffic spaces such as warehouse and logistic aisles, loading docks and car parks. Extend cleaning shifts with the S680 (70 L) and S780 (65 L) large hopper capacity, allowing operators to cover more area. The compact design further offers a tight turning radius and front-wheel steering, enabling easy maneuverability in narrow spaces and aisles.

Tennant’s Regional Sales Manager, Aaron Skinner, shared positive feedback regarding the market’s response to their new sweepers.

“Small to mid-sized warehouses have eagerly adopted our new models. The S680 and S780 are comfortable, easy to use, and maintain, and importantly, they feature a high- performance filtration system to maintain air quality in working environments. These new sweepers have been designed to offer all the benefits of our larger industrial machines but on a smaller footprint and at a lower price point,” Skinner said.

Unleashing A New Era in Efficiency

Keeping indoor and outdoor spaces clean and debris free is a constant challenge for businesses, municipalities, and institutions alike. One of the standout features of the S680 and S780 sweepers is their versatility, allowing them to tackle a wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces with ease. From smooth concrete floors on the factory floor to uneven outdoor surfaces, even to soft flooring (S680), the self-leveling main brush automatically adapts to surfaces making the transition between flooring types seamless.

Tennant understands the importance of ease of use in ensuring optimal productivity. The S680 and S780 ride-on sweepers feature an ergonomic design that prioritises user comfort during extended cleaning sessions. The S680 and S780 intuitive operator controls ensure successful operation with a range of setting features that includes:

• Simple forward and reverse direction control,

• Pre-programmed working settings,

• Adjustable vacuum fan and side brush rpm that allows operators to easily adjust brush speed to

its application,

• Programmable self-cleaning filter shaker system,

• Automatic self-leveling brush technology which facilitates the ability to clean hard and soft floor

surfaces, indoors and out, providing effective performance in a variety of applications (S680),

• Tool-free main brush replacement

These features make it simple for almost any operator to maneuver through warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other environments.

The Tennant S680 and S780 Ride-On Sweepers are a productive addition to your fleet that are both easy to operate and maintain in the cleaning landscape. With their unmatched performance, versatility, and operator-friendly design, these machines redefine what it means to help you achieve an efficient and effective cleaning regime in light to medium-duty applications. Be one of the first to experience the value-for-money sweeper range and contact our team today to book an on-site demo or pre-order for your facility.

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