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Techni Waterjet wins European award for electric servo pump

Techni Waterjet, Melbourne, has a prestigious Innovation Award called Award zur Euroblech 2010 for the company’s Quantum Electric Servo Pump.

Presented by MM Maschinenmarkt and blechnet, Vogel Business Media, Germany, the award recognised the Quantum Electric Servo Pump (ESP) as the most innovative product in its category at Europe’s international sheetmetal show, Euroblech 2010.

The jury selected the company’s in-house developed electric servo pump for high-pressure waterjet cutting because of their efficiency and innovative direct-drive technology, the judges said.

According to inventor and Techni Waterjet managing director Darren Reukers, the ESP is by far the most efficient waterjet pump available on the market, delivering real efficiency gains and real savings because it only ever uses the power required for the cutting process. This means that regardless of whether the cutting head is open or closed, or the pressure or flow is reduced, there are no additional power losses.

“When we decided to develop our own pump, we knew we weren’t going to make another intensifier pump, the technology has been around since 1975 and hasn’t really changed since then,” he Reukers.

“During the design stage I came up with the idea to get rid of the hydraulic cylinder used in traditional intensifier pumps and replace it with a servo motor. We had experience in building our own servo motors from the 5-axis PAC head, which is also a Techni invention developed in-house.”

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