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Tasmanian tech to be deployed across national fleet


Tasmanian tech firm, Definium, has partnered with national equipment hire company, Coates, to design, manufacture and supply 5,000 hi-tech devices, to be deployed across a fleet of Coates vehicles nationally.

The new equipment has an easy-to-install tracking and monitoring system that will provide Coates with substantially greater efficiencies in fleet deployment and use.

Tasmanian minister for science and technology, Michael Ferguson, congratulated Coates on selecting Delfium for the upgrade to the fleet.

“Definium has been successful in receiving support under a number of our manufacturing programs over recent years and has been active in working with us to promote Tasmanian tech capability around the nation and world,” he said.

“Definium also demonstrates the broad reach that is a hallmark of Tasmanian companies having undertaken projects across Australia as well as in the UK and US.”

The business has manufactured tens of thousands of digital devices in Launceston, and has grown the team to 18 employees.

Up to 7,500 more devices are expected to be commissioned over the next year.

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