Rolling with the reliability

The paper and board industry is a vital sector in the global economy, providing a wide range of products used in daily life, from packaging materials to writing paper.
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Smooth sailing with Fenner belts

Did you know that the paper and board industry produce around 400 million tonnes of paper and board every year globally? As a result of this, the manufacturing process for paper and board products can be highly demanding on machinery, emphasising the importance of reliable and efficient power transmission systems.
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Sowing the seeds of sustainability

The future of food production rests on a more sustainable approach to agriculture that gives equal weight to environmental, social, and economic concerns, without compromising the finite supply of natural resources on the planet.
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Revolutionising Industry 4.0 carbon fibre wheels

Carbon Revolution CEO, Jake Dingle, and chief technology officer, Dr Ashley Denmead, tell Jade Psihogios how they have evolved the production process of their wheels to enhance the sustainability of their complex carbon fibre product.
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Illuminating a future for end-of-life tyres

Acustico Lighting founder and director, Samantha McKenzie, was researching the viability of using recycled tyres in the design of her new collection when she came across Tyre Stewardship Australia.
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Laminex and a sustainable future

The building industry is well aware of the contribution Australia’s buildings make to the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention their other environmental impacts. And in amongst day-to-day design practice, it can be easy to make assumptions about different materials’ sustainability credentials. But material choice doesn’t have to be an either/or question when it comes to aesthetics and sustainability. 
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Sustainable, affordable access to space

Alexandra Cooper sits down with David Waterhouse, co-founder and managing director of Hypersonix Launch Systems, to uncover how they are using scramjet technology and clean energy to form the basis for the manufacture of hypersonic vehicles.
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Alcoa encounters sustainable success in sustainability yearbook inclusion

Alcoa Corporation – a global industry leader in bauxite, alumina, and aluminium products – are being recognised for their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance after achieving inclusion in S&P Global’s “The Sustainability Yearbook 2022”.
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A greener Coates for assets

As head of the team responsible for managing all Coates’ assets throughout their entire lifecycle, Peter Davis needs to stay ahead of the curve. The executive general manager of Asset Services explains how his team’s proactive approach to safety, sustainability and innovation translates to better choices and benefits for customers. Significantly, he discerns why orange is the new green for the market-leading equipment solutions provider.
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