Six marketing trends that Defence SMEs should explore

Are you keen to break into the ever-expanding scope of Defence industry opportunities but not sure where to focus your resources and budget? Have you been frustrated by the changing business landscape during the past couple of years of Covid-inflicted travel and networking restrictions?
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Driving growth with AI technology

In discussion with Professor Will Browne, chair in Manufacturing Robotics at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and CSIRO, with ARM Hub, Manufacturers’ Monthly learns how manufacturers can access AI as a tool to grow their business. 
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innovative technology

A Defence Innovation Hub success story: SME wins grant for innovative technology development

Innovative technology is at the core of our Australian Defence industry with local advanced manufacturers at the cutting-edge of new discoveries and technical applications. But to develop and operationalise these exciting ideas, they require Australian Defence funding. Faced with time consuming and complicated grant applications, it’s easy to become discouraged. So, how does an SME create a successful grant submission and secure critical funding to develop a new product? 
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