Enabling digitisation with cybersecurity with Altivar Soft Starter ATS480

Next-gen: Enabling digitisation with cybersecurity with Altivar Soft Starter ATS480

The next evolution of soft starters for digitisation optimised to meet cybersecurity standards. Designed to address processes and infrastructures, ATS480 simplifies project execution and maximises the availability of your applications, even in the most demanding environments. Read More

Manufacturers need reliable access to energy. Here’s how you can improve your power availability.

The energy requirements of a manufacturing site are complex. Power consumption is generally high, and large assets can cause power fluctuations leading to irregularities and equipment damage. On top of this are safety concerns and a need to minimise downtime. 
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End-to-end Traceability: The Danone Journey

We are all consumers, which is why we are more and more concerned about the food we eat and its safety. We have also become more responsible consumers, buying more green and sustainable products. Further, this fact has been accelerated during the global pandemic we are still facing worldwide.
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Manufacturing requires power. Keep your systems running with innovative technology.

Unplanned power outages can be costly both from a production and financial point of view for those operating manufacturing sites. Even a short outage can become a major problem, with some factory floor equipment shutting down immediately as the power is cut, forcing motors, drive systems, conveyor belts, and other machinery to stop and then begin the process of resetting.
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How OEMs redefine their profit stream business models through digitised post-sales support

Industry verticals like process and discrete manufacturing are investing heavily in digital transformation. OEMs willing to connect with their customers better are finding improved ways of supporting these new environments. Read More