Filtering out with AIP

“It’s not uncommon for our sales representatives to go above and beyond here at AIP. On occasions, we’ve had our staff from Sunny Coast drive down to South Brisbane, grab something, and then turn around, just to make sure their customer gets out of trouble that day,” said Brenden Van Der Starre, branch manager for AIP Darra, Brisbane.
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Spools of innovation for paper and board

Pulp and paper mills support close to 70,000 full-time jobs – primarily in rural and regional areas Australia wide – contributing $3.7 billion to the economy. As a driving force in Australia’s manufacturing sector, the decline in accessible resources and the need to convert to more sustainable practises, has forced innovation on the paper and board industry.
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Impact X Summit Sydney

Expedite pathways to net zero at the Impact X Summit Sydney

The Impact X Summit Sydney to be held virtually on 2-3 November brings together an ambitious line-up of Australian and international leaders from government, NGOs, Indigenous organisations and industry sectors to discuss technology, investment and collaborative pathways to net zero emissions by 2050. 
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