Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)


  • Four strategies to increase labour and equipment productivity in manufacturing


    Manufacturing in the 21st century is becoming more competitive than ever with margins getting tighter. The businesses in this sector are now having to look closely at their efficiencies and productivity and by re-evaluating the use of known technologies and considering newer relatively untried technologies to introduce competitive advantage to their organisations. 

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  • The evolution of MES to MOM


    There’s a lot of confusion about the difference between a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM). There are some that think the two are the same thing or that MES is a component of MOM, whilst others believe the two are totally different. What we have seen is an evolutionary development over … Continue reading The evolution of MES to MOM

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  • The six biggest losses in manufacturing


    Manufacturing is becoming more competitive than ever, with previously huge margins steadily decreasing and today’s manufacturing businesses having to closely analyse their losses to try and remove them. Being able to identify what is referred to as the six big losses will provide businesses with an equipment-based perspective on lost production time that they can use as part of their improvement … Continue reading The six biggest losses in manufacturing

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