Maintenance Facilities


  • Anything you can do, iCan do better


    According to Alemlube, contamination is the leading cause of machinery failure on an industrial site. Lubrication is the last line of defence against friction, wear and corrosion for many parts on critical machinery, so when oil becomes compromised, so does the entire piece of equipment.

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  • Getting the best wear resistance from premium epoxy solutions


    Aggressive operating environments can take a rapid toll on the wear life of industrial machinery, as metal or ceramic components often fall victim to abrasion, corrosion, and chemical damage unless pre-treated. Devcon’s catalogue of technically advanced epoxy systems covers all bases, offering repair, protection and rebuild assistance, extending service life and mitigating replacement costs. 

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  • Mastering the art of threading

    Ever since Archimedes first developed the screw principle in mid second century BC and used it to construct devices to raise water, the construction of screw threads became an essential skill for mechanics and craftsmen. Whilst the design of industrial machinery has come a long way since then, threading remains a big part of any … Continue reading Mastering the art of threading

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