Why now is the perfect time to ‘get on’ with Industry 4.0

Why now is the perfect time to ‘get on’ with Industry 4.0

When the term ‘Industry 4.0’ was first coined in the early 2010s, much hype ensued around the concepts of automation, digitalisation and the Internet of Things. Twelve years on, you and I know and understand the benefits of Industry 4.0, but why do we still see evidence of many manufacturers being reticent about getting involved? Read More
Why 5G is the heart of manufacturing digital transformation

Why 5G is the heart of manufacturing digital transformation

Manufacturers’ Monthly spoke with Philippe Gerard, Head of APAC Manufacturing & Logistics at Nokia, about digitalising the manufacturing process, and why 5G implementation is the cornerstone upon which Industry 4.0 successes are built. Read More

Upgraded guard locking device with EtherCAT from Treotham

The MGB2 box with a thousand possibilities is now available with EtherCAT P/FSoE. The products’ integration into the safe EtherCAT P/FSoE is particularly noteworthy because the MGB2 Modular is the world’s first guard locking device for the safe EtherCAT.  Read More

Bringing bending ideas to life

FormFlow is founded on a world-first innovation with an Australian-made building material icon. Manufacturers’ Monthly sits down with the company’s founders to find out how the technology is developing new building products, systems and manufacturing solutions. Read More

Revolutionising Industry 4.0 carbon fibre wheels

Carbon Revolution CEO, Jake Dingle, and chief technology officer, Dr Ashley Denmead, tell Jade Psihogios how they have evolved the production process of their wheels to enhance the sustainability of their complex carbon fibre product.
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Leading Australian companies share best practices post-2020

This year at CeMAT Australia 2022 some of Australia’s biggest post pandemic success stories are set to share their warehouse and supply chain innovations and insights as part of the event’s free conference – 19-21 July, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.  
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Entegra dives into new era of Industry 4.0

To support continued growth, Entegra is modernising its welding operations across its facilities. Manufacturers’ Monthly finds out how working with BOC Limited to replace its welding machines has boosted efficiencies and built a path for the future.
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digital twins

A beginner’s guide to digital twins

Manufacturing, energy and transportation companies are increasingly benefiting from Industry 4.0 applications after years of hype. The emergence of digital twins is one of the main reasons engineering and design teams are actualising these benefits for their enterprises.
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Industry 4.0

Additive manufacturing unlocks Industry 4.0 possibilities

The concept of Industry 5.0 – developing Artificial Intelligence to work alongside robots and smart machines- has been an increasing topic of conversation in the global manufacturing landscape. However, a number of key manufacturing insiders have argued that Australia still needs to get to grips with Industry 4.0 before we can move on to the next phase of industrialisation. 
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Research teams secure ARC LIEF funding through NSSN support

Research teams from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and University of Newcastle have secured $958,000 under the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) scheme, through support of the NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN)
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Mouser and STMicroelectronics develop new content stream devoted to the latest in industry 4.0

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the authorised global distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, and STMicroelectronics (ST), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, have partnered to create a new resource site highlighting the products, insights and strategies required for smart industry designs. Designers and engineers can access the platform by visiting https://st.mouser.com/industry-4-0
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How Australia can grow advanced manufacturing success

Australians are well-aware of the need to advance manufacturing operations to secure sovereignty and growth as a nation. Harnessing technology and Industry 4.0 are the crux of the solution, but how can Australia develop world-leading technology capabilities to become an advanced manufacturing nation?  
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predictive maintenance

The role of predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0

By Philipp H. F. Wallner, industry manager, Industrial Automation & Machinery, MathWorks  Predictive maintenance offers the ability to anticipate equipment malfunctions before they occur, arrange repairs proactively, avoid stalling factory floor operations and most importantly, prevent the failure of machinery to keep businesses running efficiently. Figures from Deloitte show predictive maintenance can reduce the costs of maintenance by 5 to 10 per cent overall.  
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