• The missing link

    Making communication easy between a series of devices is part of this next generation solution. Manufacturers’ Monthly finds out why one company has turned to ifm. Getting to the core of Industry 4.0, beyond the hype of individual technologies and high-level systems, requires understanding what language are needed to connect devices for flexible and adaptive … Continue reading The missing link

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  • Sensors the key to maximising production and efficiency

    The technology in sensors has shifted to a new level that gives manufacturers more knowledge of how their systems are coping. Manufacturers’ Monthly reports. The integration of smart systems across the manufacturing sector has the potential to dramatically increase efficiencies in all aspects of industry. What drives the success of these systems is the intelligent … Continue reading Sensors the key to maximising production and efficiency

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  • ifm Christmas in July

    ifm recently held a fundraiser for the Starlight Children’s Foundation with a “Christmas in July” event.  The entire company and their partners attended along with some of our customers. People bid on holidays, various household goods, from refrigerators to weekends away, and anything in between. The Starlight Children’s Foundation is a charity that grants seriously … Continue reading ifm Christmas in July

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  • Building reputable businesses that connect with others

    For companies working in a fast-paced environment where clients expect equipment in short timeframes, there is a need for partnerships that provide the right solution, quickly. Miri Schroeter writes. A particular reputation can result in failure or success. And in a world where many speak about negative experiences more than the positive ones they encounter, … Continue reading Building reputable businesses that connect with others

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  • Setting high standards

    Adhering to a certain level of professionalism can be as simple as ensuring a website is well-functioning. Manufacturers’ Monthly finds out what one automation solutions provider deems as important in setting a company apart from others. “There’s nothing you sell or do that can’t be done by another organisation,” Andrew Godber from Bunbury Industrial Controls … Continue reading Setting high standards

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  • ifm Australia puts its products to the test

    ifm Australia is putting ifm’s products through some tough tests. Find out more in the video below.

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  • Meet the ifm expert: Harsh Zala

    As a Systems Solutions Engineer, Harsh Zala is responsible for providing the full technical delivery of an ifm solution to a customer – from sensors to high level control systems. He is an expert in providing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that are tailor-made for clients as they become industry 4.0-ready. He loves the family … Continue reading Meet the ifm expert: Harsh Zala

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  • Meet the ifm expert – Glenn Thornton

    National product and brand manager for ifm, Glenn Thornton, explains what differentiates ifm from other high-tech electronics businesses. Besides offering quality well-priced products and quick turnaround of service, Glenn says what really drives the company and his colleagues are the relationships they develop with customers. Originally an electrician by trade, Glenn appreciates that while getting … Continue reading Meet the ifm expert – Glenn Thornton

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  • Next Generation Technology Solving Proximity Switch Issues

    In order to maintain a competitive advantage within the manufacturing arena, businesses that employ innovative technologies designed to improve production processes and reduce downtime will prosper. But with manufacturers’ production scales and ranges increasing with the growing industry, technologies must keep up. Enter, proximity switches.

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