Laminex and a sustainable future

The building industry is well aware of the contribution Australia’s buildings make to the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention their other environmental impacts. And in amongst day-to-day design practice, it can be easy to make assumptions about different materials’ sustainability credentials. But material choice doesn’t have to be an either/or question when it comes to aesthetics and sustainability. 
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Surround by Laminex

Laminex has been part of Australian life for more than 85 years. During that time, Laminex has grown from a tin shed in Melbourne to multiple large-scale manufacturing plants in city and country locations across Australia, and they are proud to now stand as the leading manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of high-pressure laminate, decorated MDF, particleboard and compact laminate within Australia.
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Resources slide to benefit building sector

New Zealand building materials manufacturer and distributor, Fletcher Building’s boss Jonathan Ling, says that a slowdown in the resources sector can be beneficial for the local materials manufacturing, with the local industry's products likely to become a more practical alternative to imports should the Australian dollar fall as a result.
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