More than just bending tube with CRAM

More than just bending tube

In almost any industrial environment, running pipe from point A to point B means working with a series of obstacles including infrastructure, productivity demands, site practices and access. And occasionally a hard job comes along. Read More
Seeing the benefits of OPTIME in Motion

Seeing the benefits of OPTIME in Motion

One of the most pertinent advantages of Schaeffler’s OPTIME – a wireless, online condition monitoring solution – is that once it has been installed, no one has to visit the site to collect or monitor data, says Motion Australia’s condition monitoring expert, Mark Slaughter. Read More

SpecFast goes above and beyond for key international customer

For many industrial sectors, maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols in the workplace has presented a unique set of challenges. Where groups of workers used to congregate along assembly lines and around equipment, distancing and additional protective measures are now commonplace and necessary to minimise health hazards.
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Understanding cage requirements for tapered roller bearings

Designing and manufacturing complex industrial equipment requires attention to detail, and confidence in selecting the right components for each unique design. Matching materials and their specific resilience characteristics to the type of industrial application is crucial to ensure long product life at peak performance. 
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Helping F&B clients upskill with bespoke training

Australia’s food, beverage and manufacturing sector is facing a national-wide challenge: a skills shortage. To stem this challenge and assist customer’s in upskilling their staff, BSC Engineering Services provides tailor-made training in a variety of application and product types.
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A new force: Introducing the NTN-CBC Housed Bearing Program

High load carrying capacity, robust design, and simplified installation are all features that describe the new plummer block and spherical roller bearing combination offered by the NTN-CBC division of Industrial Solutions Australia part of Motion Asia Pacific. Already a strong force in the domestic bearing market, the joint venture formed between the Japanese-founded bearing manufacturer and Australia’s largest bearing supplier has been providing NTN bearings and CBC-branded bearing housings to a wide array of industries for many years.  Earlier this year, the group launched the first NTN-CBC branded housing, in the SNG split plummer block range, culminating the group’s years of experience in housing design.  NTN-CBC Australia (integrated with the Motion Asia Pacific-Industrial Solutions group of CBC, BSC and WebsterBSC businesses) has gone to great lengths in setting specifications for the housings to ensure that they are both durable
and versatile.  Both NTN and CBC have extensive experience in providing bearing housing and sealing solutions. NTN is a global bearing manufacturer, and the CBC engineering team has decades of experience designing bearing housings. The new NTN-CBC branded SNG plummer block is the culmination of years of research by the team to come up with the optimum design in terms of durability, heat dissipation, protective sealing systems, and ease of re-lubrication.   Read More


Like the namesake, Simplicity Australia’s equipment is designed to simplify agricultural practice. And they do. Simplicity’s seeder machine is dubbed ‘Australia’s Favourite Air Seeder’ and the native manufacturer is a well-recognised leader in its field, offering the largest range of air seeders in Australia and employing over 80 people. Simplicity Australia’s name also reflects its humble beginnings. The first Simplicity air seeder being built in a backyard shed in the small town of Jandowae, Queensland in the late 1970s, using a simple auger-type metering system. That business was purchased by David Law in the early 1980s and it grew from the ground up
in a very modest way, says General Manager, Troy Law, “with a core focus to design and manufacture high-quality planting equipment.” It’s an approach that has been successful, and one that Troy attributes to his father. “My father, David Law worked tirelessly to continuously develop our product and the manufacturing process to meet the diverse needs of Australian farming.  The original little air seeder sold in our local area and into Central Queensland.  Over time, that expanded to a national presence, which required a wide variety of machine sizes and capability” explains Troy. “Our product strength is based in focusing on quality, reliability, innovation and product support. Today, our portfolio of planting equipment is extensive, and to my knowledge we offer the largest range of this type of air seeder in the world, with machines going from 1,500L through to 30,000L in many different formats.” Read More