digital twins

A beginner’s guide to digital twins

Manufacturing, energy and transportation companies are increasingly benefiting from Industry 4.0 applications after years of hype. The emergence of digital twins is one of the main reasons engineering and design teams are actualising these benefits for their enterprises.
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Illuminating a future for end-of-life tyres

Acustico Lighting founder and director, Samantha McKenzie, was researching the viability of using recycled tyres in the design of her new collection when she came across Tyre Stewardship Australia.
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Digitisation, desktops and developing new businesses

The way things are designed and made is being shaken up by things such as new materials and greater connectivity. Better, cheaper tools are enabling more people can start their own businesses. Brent Balinski spoke to Dassault Systemes SolidWorks CEO Gian Paolo Bassi about all this and more.
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Addressing Australia’s design failures

Central to the success of world-leading manufacturers like Dyson and Apple, a design emphasis is something Australian engineering lacks. Brent Balinski spoke to Deakin University’s Professor Guy Littlefair about how the university is helping to remedy this.
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