Leaky pipes no more

Performing repairs and maintenance work on fluid transfer systems has historically been a problematic process in the agriculture and food processing industries. Read More

CBC Toowoomba bears the weight for local OEM

Despite ongoing irregularity in climate conditions for growing and harvesting crops in Australia the Australian grain industry has experienced some of the most favourable seasons on record in recent years, according to the Department of Agriculture, Water, and the Environment.1 Read More

Anything you can do, iCan do better

According to Alemlube, contamination is the leading cause of machinery failure on an industrial site. Lubrication is the last line of defence against friction, wear and corrosion for many parts on critical machinery, so when oil becomes compromised, so does the entire piece of equipment.
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Supporting the building blocks of Australian manufacturing

Recent supply chain issues have put significant strain on the Australian construction industry, with resources such as building timber and steel proving more expensive to import at an increasingly delayed rate. This national dependence on outsourcing has highlighted the importance of local production and self-sufficiency when it comes to manufacturing vital materials.
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Understanding cage requirements for tapered roller bearings

Designing and manufacturing complex industrial equipment requires attention to detail, and confidence in selecting the right components for each unique design. Matching materials and their specific resilience characteristics to the type of industrial application is crucial to ensure long product life at peak performance. 
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Innovation from the ground up

What do you do when imported equipment proves unreliable and in need of constant repair? According to Keith Edmunds, you design and build your own cutting‑edge machines using the best quality materials. That is exactly what KRE Engineering Services did back in 1991, and now the company is leading the way with their bespoke pipeline repair and installation tools. 
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Chipping away at sustainable forestry

Located in Geelong, Softwood Plantation Exporters (SPE) is changing the game when it comes to re-using waste product along the forestry supply chain. Born out of a partnership between Hancock Victorian Plantations (HVP) and Associated Kiln Driers (AKD) in 1996, the business offers its owners a well-located export facility that receives, processes and stores forest and sawmill residues.
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Cutting edge designs and servicing

AE Gibson & Sons has been enhancing Australia’s industrial manufacturing profile for over 125 years. A fifth generation, family-owned business based in Kendall NSW, their focus lies in the design and manufacturing of special purpose machinery used for materials handling and processing of renewables such as timber. 
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Lighting the spark in the next generation

Based in the seaside city of Wollongong, NSW, Arrow Electrical Services is investing in the next generation of Australian electricians. With a dynamic team consisting of 34 highly skilled and experienced employees, the business has situated itself as a leading specialist across the state.
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Customers stand to benefit from ‘One Motion’

The move to transition and consolidate all the Australian-based businesses owned by Motion Asia Pacific into one singular business – Motion Australia – will translate to better services for customers in the agricultural and food and beverage industries, say industry experts.
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misalignment belt

The answer to misalignment on belt-driven machinery

When properly maintained, belts are the most cost-effective and reliable means of power transmission in an industrial application. However, drive problems can occur if belts are not installed or maintained correctly, with one of the most common sources of these being misalignment. 
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Ploughing ahead with quality bearings

When it comes to farming Australian soil, equipment is predominantly produced by local manufacturers who understand local conditions. And in many cases, they choose NTN agricultural bearings because of their ability to withstand the rigours of applications such as tilling and ploughing.
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Dodge TAII

The Dodge TAII: Worth its weight in gears

Dodge’s classic tagline, “If you ain’t first, you’re last” couldn’t be truer when it comes to upgrading legacy belt driven gearboxes to the Dodge Torque Arm II (TAII) generation of drives. As the Dodge Torque Arm II comes up on its 20th year in the Australian market, there is much that can be said about the premium gearbox solution that has saved operations millions in downtime. 
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