• Connecting Australians for almost 90 years


    Established in 1936, Bambach Wires and Cables is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of premium quality electrical cables. Servicing several industries across wastewater, marine projects, switchboard, and infrastructure development, they are currently working to increase their overall manufacturing capacity from 30 to 250 tonnes of finished goods per month.

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  • Flour power: Providing belt driven solutions to the wheat belt


    Central West New South Wales is the heart of what is known as ‘the food bowl’ or wheat belt region of Australia, and a hub of production for some of Australia’s most valuable agricultural commodities.

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  • Big beverage brands benefit from smart conveying solutions

    Quite a few of the world’s most iconic food and beverage brands have operations in Australia, central to Sydney. At the BSC Prestons branch in Sydney’s Southwest, Fady Elchab regularly works with food and beverage customers to bring their maintenance costs down, save time on production, and keep their operations up and running.

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  • Staying ahead of the curve with modular conveyor chain


    Motion Australia’s Troy Markland, product manager for Power Transmission (PT), Chain and Ironware understands that behind every great food production operation is a great power transmission product.

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  • Cutting edge designs and servicing


    AE Gibson & Sons has been enhancing Australia’s industrial manufacturing profile for over 125 years. A fifth generation, family-owned business based in Kendall NSW, their focus lies in the design and manufacturing of special purpose machinery used for materials handling and processing of renewables such as timber. 

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  • Lighting the spark in the next generation


    Based in the seaside city of Wollongong, NSW, Arrow Electrical Services is investing in the next generation of Australian electricians. With a dynamic team consisting of 34 highly skilled and experienced employees, the business has situated itself as a leading specialist across the state.

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  • COOL IT: Increasing thermal comfort for the well-being of workers

    thermal comfort

    Thermal comfort is an important part of providing a safe industrial work environment and boosting employee morale.

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  • Containing spills with skilful solutions


    Manufacturing processes rely on chemicals or lubrication substances to keep their machines running efficiently and safely. Unfortunately, these same liquid substances pose serious hazards if they are spilled. Which is why BSC expert Michael Rowe says its critical to have a risk management plan in place as well as appropriate spill solutions. 

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  • A handy all-in-one MRO toolbox


    The trademark LOCTITE® red bottles are recognised globally for their effectiveness and reliability in maintenance and repair – and the LOCTITE MRO kit, which comes in a toolbox of the same trademark red colour, provides industrial businesses with an essential range of LOCTITE products devised to prevent downtime, save time, improve safety and reduce costs.

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  • Customers stand to benefit from ‘One Motion’


    The move to transition and consolidate all the Australian-based businesses owned by Motion Asia Pacific into one singular business – Motion Australia – will translate to better services for customers in the agricultural and food and beverage industries, say industry experts.

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  • Torquing about drive shafts for irrigation pumps

    drive shafts

    An irrigation pump requires a powerful drive shaft arrangement to pump water often from many meters underground. 

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  • Rid your site of rust collectors


    When it comes to rust removal, the science behind it is the key to developing right formula. Common rust removers are often highly acidic and can damage material on contact, points out Steve Keown, BSC Product Manager for Lubricants, Degreasers and Solvents. 

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  • Pumping up the volume on hydraulic systems


    Protecting hydraulic control systems can be a precarious part of the plant maintenance process without the right knowledge and expertise. Incorrect application of oils, greases and lubricants can hinder productivity and damage valuable components of plant equipment. 

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  • Lanolin-based lubricant draws on history and protects for the future


    Applying corrosion resistant lubricant to every application in the mining industry from threads, sleeves, and bushes — to gears, chains, and sprockets—is good practice for extending the life expectancy of metal components, according to BSC’s Steve Keown.

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  • Get food-grade bearings, and get them while they are hot


    Brand new to the Australian market, and now serving exclusively at BSC: Timken food-grade bearings that can take the heat in the kitchen.

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  • Helping F&B clients upskill with bespoke training


    Australia’s food, beverage and manufacturing sector is facing a national-wide challenge: a skills shortage. To stem this challenge and assist customer’s in upskilling their staff, BSC Engineering Services provides tailor-made training in a variety of application and product types.

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  • No metal is an island


    To extend the life of a piece of a machined equipment, it is necessary to perform regular health checks on its metal components. Every machine needs ample protection against the harsh chemicals and airborne contaminants of an industrial environment, and likewise every part, component, tool, frame, panel and fastener requires its own special kind of … Continue reading No metal is an island

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  • Supplying timeless agricultural belt solutions


    When peak harvest season is on, harvesting equipment goes into overdrive under some tough conditions. And tough conditions in the field, require even tougher belt solutions. “The driven parts on harvesters can be powered by up to a dozen belts at a time, and belts are one of the most common parts that we see … Continue reading Supplying timeless agricultural belt solutions

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  • The bonds that can make-or-break a manufacturing process


    Making paper requires a lot of chemical processing and high temperature applications for steaming and pressing the paper products. At a major paper manufacturing plant in Victoria, hundreds of staff work to output a significant volume of product on a short timeline, accommodating the high demand for paper and pulp products on the Australian market.  … Continue reading The bonds that can make-or-break a manufacturing process

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  • Tool’s gold – Living the technician’s dream


    When it comes to toolboxes, they are like cars — there are the high-end models and the economy savers. The performance and longevity of tools will depend on what maintenance professionals and businesses are willing to invest in tool storage.

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