The process of manufacturing glass today incorporates advanced technologies and automation to ensure precision throughout the process.

Pushing boundaries with Timken bearings

Glass manufacturing allows for a range of products. More than 4,000 years ago, in the historical region of Mesopotamia, the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers, glass was discovered through the art of mixing sand, soda, and lime together1. Today, glass is used in several products from intricate glassware to high-tech applications like smart phones and computer screens.
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Why now is the perfect time to ‘get on’ with Industry 4.0

Why now is the perfect time to ‘get on’ with Industry 4.0

When the term ‘Industry 4.0’ was first coined in the early 2010s, much hype ensued around the concepts of automation, digitalisation and the Internet of Things. Twelve years on, you and I know and understand the benefits of Industry 4.0, but why do we still see evidence of many manufacturers being reticent about getting involved? Read More
Accelerating innovation and growth strategies with Beckhoff

Accelerating innovation and growth strategies

Beckhoff Automation’s global managing owner, Hans Beckhoff, and Nick Psahoulias, managing director of Beckhoff Automation, Australia, speak exclusively with Manufacturers’ Monthly about the company’s growing global presence, and the human touch needed in automation technology. Read More
Automation and Jobs with Weld Australia

Automation and jobs

Weld Australia sponsored the 2022 Endeavour Awards for the category of Best Industrial Internet of Things Application, which recognised the most outstanding application used in a smart factory to improve the manufacturing process. Read More
Empowering people through automation and robotics

Empowering people through automation and robotics

This month marks a major milestone for OMRON, a global automation giant with a proud history spanning nearly 90 years. The company has announced a striking new name and unveiled an innovative plan for the future to drive its operations in Australia and New Zealand over the next decade.  Read More
OnRobot Launches D:PLOY in Australia

OnRobot launches D:PLOY in Australia

OnRobot, the world’s leading provider of hardware and software solutions for collaborative robotic applications, has launched an industry-first automated platform for the deployment of collaborative applications – D:PLOY – in Australia. Read More

Worker’s safety: Signs that it’s time to automate

The safety and well-being of employees are crucial to the success of every business. Providing workers with an environment in which they feel safe, supported, and free of aches and pains ensures that they are productive and motivated.
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Rittal’s Blue e+ cooling unit series − the ultimate in efficiency

The manufacturing world is facing increased challenges like labour shortages, material costs, transportation delays and low stocks, due to the current crisis. To add to that, is the emphasis on raising energy efficiency and lowering the carbon footprint, centring on climate solutions that simplify complex cooling needs through automation and connectivity.  
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Blending craft and automation to make beautiful chocolate – a Beyond 150 Competition experience

Australia has a rich history in the art of chocolate making, and Siemens works closely with industry to integrate modern automation systems for a range of applications. Many of these family-owned businesses have been in operation for over a century, developing their craft and growing with the introduction of newer, more efficient production frameworks.
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Hitachi Astemo predicts big tech changes to manufacturing

Hitachi America vice president and Hitachi Astemo chief architect for Smart Manufacturing, Sudhanshu Gaur, said robotics, AI and other data-driven technologies are bringing sweeping changes to manufacturing plants worldwide, at The Assembly Show in Chicago on 27 October. 
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