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TAFE college lecturers delivering on industry skill needs

The Western Australian state government continues its record investment in TAFE, advancing with a $9.9 million placement program. 

This commitment involves connecting college lecturers with the practical experience required to address the industry’s evolving skills and workforce needs through industry placements.   

The industry placement program offers lecturers quality training, providing them with the opportunity to immerse themselves in industry practices. 

The minister for training and workforce development, Simone McGurk, highlighted the importance of having lecturers with up-to-date industry experience.  

“The best way we can train the staff we need is to have quality lecturers with up-to-date industry experience. The State Government’s investment in industry placements for lecturers helps ensure this happens.” said McGurk 

Lecturers are leveraging the valuable industry insights and knowledge gained during these placements to educate and prepare the future workforce at TAFE colleges.   

“Industry-relevant training and hands-on experiences help to ensure students receive the best possible preparation for the workplace and future careers in the industry.” said McGurk 

The number of lecturers participating in the industry placements across the five WA TAFE colleges has increased to 428, a significant rise from the 301 in 2023, and 127 in 2022. 

Mining group Rio Tinto is one of the industry partners providing TAFE lecturer placements. 

TAFE lecturer in autonomous workplace operations, Monique Taafee, shared her experience. “I gained exposure to extensive areas of the business which gave me a better understanding of the mining industry supply chain” said Taafee.  

Exposure to the industry’s latest advancements, technologies, methods, systems, and practices equips lecturers with real-life industry skill knowledge.  

TAFE electrical instrumentation lecturer, Adrian Fallon said “I was keen to identify how our course training documents related to current industry policies and procedures, particularly in relation to safety, troubleshooting and process optimisation”

Investing in this program positions Western Australia’s TAFE colleges at the forefront of innovation and training. 

The investment in the TAFE college lecturer industry placement program enhances Australian educational quality and creates opportunities for economic growth, addressing the evolving and complex nature of the industries. 

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