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Sydney train fleet to receive $447 million upgrade

The iconic NSW made Tangara trains are set to receive critical upgrades as the NSW Government forges ahead with a Future Fleet Program to return domestic manufacturing to NSW and build the next generation of Tangaras right here.

The 2024-25 Budget will invest $447 million to extend the life of the current fleet, keeping them on the tracks for approximately 12 more years, ensuring passengers have safe and reliable services until the new fleet is constructed and running.

The state’s 55 Tangaras make up a quarter of the Sydney Trains fleet. As they age, they will continue to face major reliability issues, as they are the highest contributor to maintenance faults on the rail network.

Without life extension works, an estimated five Tangaras per year are at risk of breaking down and being pulled from service, greatly impacting commuters.

Work being undertaken will see technology upgrades, including of the Train Management System, safety and disability compliance, as well as modernising on-board information systems.

The project is set to begin early next year, and Sydney Trains will work to ensure there is minimal impact to passenger services.

NSW Premier Chris Minns said: “NSW workers are great at building trains and under this government we will build trains here again. It’s going to take time, but we’re determined to do it.

“We’ve had a decade of missed opportunities and thousands of jobs offshored, while we purchased trains, trams and ferries filled with defects, faults and failures.

“This is a modest investment now that will eventually unlock a huge boost to NSW jobs and industry well into the future.”

Upgrading the Tangaras is critical to ensure the government has the time to rebuild this industry from scratch and create a long-term pipeline of manufacturing work.

We can’t rebuild an entire sector overnight – but we have to start somewhere. It’s taken Victoria 7 years, but they have now supported 40,000 local jobs since 2014 as a direct result of their local procurement policies.

The 2024–25 Budget also sets aside a further $17.5 million for Future Fleet Program, the first step to reviving the state’s domestic train manufacturing industry that will build the next generation of Tangaras right here in NSW.

The funding will help develop a Strategic Business Case to build the new Tangara fleet.

This is all part of the Minns Labor Government’s plan to build better communities for NSW. To ensure we’re creating and building on well-connected, well-serviced neighbourhoods.

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