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Sydney company to release selfie drones, plans ASX listing

Australian company The IoT Group will soon join the fast-growing list of business offering “selfie drones”.

The Australian Financial Review reported over the weekend that the company hopes to sell 1,000 of its ROAM drones by March. These are controlled via smartphone app, are speed limited to 15 kilometres per hour for safety reasons, and are priced at $249 each.

"The primary target is the selfie market. We wanted to create a personal drone, something that every individual can use whether they like drones or not," company CEO Simon Kantor told The Australian Financial Review.

Kantor’s company is far from the only one to develop such a product. One other selfie drone manufacturer, Lily Robotics, claimed at the CES expo earlier this month that it had received 60,000 pre-orders for its waterproof autonomous quadcopter. It is among the more expensive of these devices, reports Geekwire, with pre-orders priced at $US 799.

The IoT Group has previously released the OK Viper smartphone watch and accessories.

It is reportedly the first Australian IoT-focussed company, and aims to list on the ASX via a reverse takeover of Ardent Resources.

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