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Switch on to Wholesale Power

Switching to wholesale power might seem like a scary leap if you’re used to fixed contracts, but it’s simple especially if you want to save up to 45% on your energy costs.

You can save plenty of money switching to wholesale power. Join the Flow Power webinar this 19 October to learn how.

From concerns about shortfalls to uncertainty around Australia’s energy future, electricity is a major talking point in the country today. The Australian power market is changing, and businesses need to get smart about how they’re approaching their electricity needs.

Don’t get left behind – in our next webinar, learn about the benefits of switching to wholesale electricity, from cost effectiveness to greater control through a range of tools and exclusive options.

Switching to wholesale power might seem like a scary leap if you’re used to fixed contracts, but it’s actually dead simple. The numbers don’t lie – over the last five years, customers have saved on average 5.6% on their energy costs by buying wholesale, with no other changes to operations. When you throw our wholesale power tools into the mix, that figure can reach up to 45% in savings. With fixed rates up by 300%, it makes sense to switch to wholesale, and it’s quicker and easier than you think.

Unlike fixed-rate contracts, buying wholesale gives you access to the lows of the power market. That’s why it’s a smart choice for your business – there’s more flexibility, and you have the opportunity to make the most of fluctuations in the market. You can get paid to use power during these low-price periods, and sell back what you’re not using to save even more.

If you’re playing the longer game, a Virtual Generation Agreement (VGA) might be for you. Over a minimum period of 10 years, the VGA buys you a fixed percentage of wind or solar output direct from the renewable generator. Numbers-wise, this gives you access to prices of up to half the market rate – we think those are pretty good odds.

Join the upcoming webinar to learn more about our power tools, including ceilings, caps and hedges, and what they can do for you. From putting an upper limit on prices to negotiating fixed rates, these tools give you even more power over your spend, and are exclusive to wholesale customers.

Don’t be afraid of change. We’re here to show you why wholesale is the best way forward for your business’ power needs.

Join the webinar at 1:30pm on 19 October by clicking here.

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