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Sustainability of Australian industry undermined by product dumping

The removal of anti-dumping duties undermines the sustainability of Australian industry and runs counter to the government’s sustainability agenda, Australian Food and Grocery Council Chief Executive Kate Carnell said on Wednesday (10th of February).

Carnell was responding to concerns raised by toilet tissue manufacturers that Australian jobs will be lost as a result of a federal government decision to lift anti-dumping duties on toilet tissue.

“In Australia we have rules and regulations around sustainable practices — there are rules about the use of forests, water and energy,” Carnell said.

“AFGC members Kimberly-Clark Australia (Kleenex and Wondersoft) and SCA (Sorbent) source their fibre from sustainably managed plantations and forests. They have reduced their water use and are increasing their use of renewable energy.

“These companies employ thousands of Australians, predominantly in rural and regional areas.

“For companies to be able to afford to dump product onto the Australian market at 45 per cent lower than their domestic prices, it’s impossible to believe that they are complying with anything like the stringent environmental standards that Australian manufacturers are required to meet,” she said.

Carnell said that if this is allowed to happen it will seriously undermine the viability and sustainability of Australian industry

“Accepting products which source fibre from unstainable sources is at odds with the government’s agenda and does nothing to foster sustainable practices within industry.

“Sustainable manufacturing isn’t just an Australian issue — it’s a global one. We should expect the same commitment to sustainability and ethical practices from our trading partners as we do from ourselves,” she said.

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