Supporting local capabilities in supply chain integration

Supporting local capabilities in supply chain integration

Honouring the capability of local businesses is at the heart of what the Industry Capability Network does, which is why it is sponsoring the Global Supply Chain Integration of the Year Award once again this year at the Endeavour Awards.

As an ongoing sponsor of the Endeavour Awards, the Industry Capability Network (ICN) has seen the event as a great platform to highlight the capabilities of Australian manufacturers.

“We’ve seen great benefit in sponsoring support primarily because it really speaks to the heart of what we do, which is to honour the capability of local businesses, which is what we have been doing for close to 40 years as a network,” ICN executive director Warren Jansen said.

“Because of everything that’s happened in the last couple of years, we see it as a responsibility to keep on pushing local content and the capability of Australian companies to the world. These awards support that.”

Regarding the recent challenges around supply chain disruptions, Jansen said that the manufacturing industry has displayed great resilience.

“A lot of manufacturers have shown grit, courage and adaptability that has been pivotal to the way we’ve come out on the other side,” he said.

“We’ve got a long way to go, but I think resilience has played a huge part in being able to navigate what’s been a very turbulent couple of years, which will be quite a test for the new government as well and how they navigate and help manufacturers get back on track.”

ICN executive director Warren Jansen

To pivot and withstand external pressures, Jansen believes that discussions occurring at a policy level need to be informed by what’s happening on the ground and vice versa to ensure that businesses are supported. It is also key to act quickly and decisively to combat internal and external factors felt across supply chains.

“The Jobs and Skills Summit was targeted towards helping industry thrive and I think that if some of those plans really come to fruition it will be good for us in the long run,” Jansen said.

“But I think decisiveness and speed to act is going to be critical in impacting not just local companies, but manufacturing in general.”

Additionally, investments made by government such as the National Reconstruction Fund and the Buy Australia plan will shape active change within the industry in the long term. A new way of thinking and a new focus on technology will also support a healthier economy in the future.

“The appetite for manufacturers to explore the art of possible has forced people down this path,” Jansen said.

“We are moving into a new wave of manufacturing things that are more tech-focused, which will have a longer-term impact on everything we do. Because of the appetite for a more tech-focused industry to grow and thrive and its implications on our industries,
I think we will be in a better position if investments are driven in that space – that’s going to be the backbone of the economy in the future.”

ICN is a business network that introduces Australian and New Zealand companies to projects large and small, and aids manufacturers as they look to expand into new areas. At the heart of ICN’s service is ICN Gateway, an online system that connects buyers and suppliers looking to build partnerships.

However, this system has evolved greatly over the years as it looks to become more of an end-to-end service.

“For the longest time, we’ve been seen as a bit of a matchmaker between buyers and suppliers. But I think our journey and evolution has taken us to this new place where we are on the cusp of becoming an end-to-end service,” Jansen said.

“We’re not just the tech platform that puts businesses front and centre, we’re also real people on the ground backing this awesome network, helping companies not just showcase their value in a platform but also understand their real capability. We’ve delivered close to $40 billion worth of work over almost 40 years.”

With over 80,000 companies taking part on the platform and over 100 people in the network supporting local industry, ICN is now a broader ecosystem that has extended beyond ICN Gateway.

Perspective by ICN is a capability analysis tool designed to increase the understanding of business capabilities in different regions and sectors, while Procure by ICN streamlines all procurement processes into one, easy-to-use system.

Also, Insight by ICN provides real-time data visualisations, helping to make informed decisions to drive strategic actions.

As ICN plans to add a social procurement and carbon neutral strategy to its roadmap, it will strive to continue supporting local manufacturing capabilities.

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