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Support for Holden’s job saving plan

While car production levels at GM Holden have been halved, the company says there will be no forced redundancies. However shifts will be halved, penalty rates cut, as well as cuts to executive salaries and a freeze on all white-collar pay.

The management and union job saving plan has been welcomed by industry minister, Senator Kim Carr.

“I pay tribute to the resilience and loyalty of workers at Holden’s Elizabeth plant, who have been told the automotive company will move to a single shift with a double crew.

“A very difficult decision has been taken in very difficult circumstances. Around 3150 workers at Holden Elizabeth plant will face reduced pay and working hours.

“This will have a serious impact on many families and communities in South Australia. Importantly, however, there will be no retrenchments.

“The decision is essential if Holden is to ride out the economic storm and be ready for the upturn when it inevitably comes.

“Everyone would prefer that these actions were not necessary, but they will help preserve long-term employment at Holden and provide more stability for their component suppliers as they work towards production of the all-new small car.

“Holden is dealing with very difficult circumstances and the Government commends the joint efforts of its workers, unions and management. There has been a genuine sharing of sacrifice at Holden, with pay cuts for executives. This forward-looking, cooperative approach is a model for others to follow.

“The Government remains confident about the long-term sustainability of the automotive industry. We are determined to do everything we can to help industry and individual companies manage their way through the immediate difficulties.

“Following discussions with my colleague the Deputy Prime Minister, the Government will make training places available to each of the affected workers under the Productivity Places Program.

“This will enable workers on shorter hours to gain new skills and broaden their employment options. The Government will work directly with Holden and employees on implementing this,” Carr said.

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