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Support for current anti-dumping system

The Trade Remedies Task Force has used its submission to the Productivity Commission review of Australia’s anti-dumping system to strongly call for support for Australian industry as it struggles to compete against unfair international competition.

The Trade Remedies Task Force (TRTF), chaired by the Australian Industry Group, is a group of around 50 Australian manufacturing companies and associations across a range of industries including steel, glass, cement, chemicals and plastics and has called for Customs to maintain its central role in overseeing the anti-dumping system.

Heather Ridout, Ai Group’s CEO, said Australian industry has every right under international trade rules to employ mechanisms to counter predatory pricing and to ensure that products are not landed in Australia below the market price in their own country simply to capture market advantage here.

“The TRTF is greatly concerned that the current global economic turmoil will increase the likelihood of products being dumped on the Australian market, which is already under pressure as a result of weaker demand.

“Any watering down of our anti-dumping system will only add to this pressure on Australian industry. This will lead to higher consumer prices, the loss of industrial capacity in Australia and increased job losses.

“The current anti-dumping system contributes to Australian efforts to ensure that international trade remains fair through a process which has been designed to level the ‘playing field’ which has been distorted by overseas suppliers,” Ridout said.

In its submission, the TRTF said it is critical that Australian industry is able to continue to take action to counter the negative impact of illegal under-pricing through the retention of an effective anti-dumping system.

“Australia already has one of the most open markets in the world for industrial products and is modest in the number of anti-dumping cases we pursue.

“Our current anti-dumping system operates on a fundamental and internationally-accepted basis,” Ridout said.

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