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Suhner releases new cordless range for metal grinding and polishing

Suhner (Australia) introduces a new range of portable grinders designed
to provide cordless convenience in grinding and polishing stainless steel and

Suhner’s ‘A’ Battery Series includes the portable ASC 9 straight
grinder, the ABC 7 belt grinder, the AKC 3 fillet weld grinder and the ATC tube

The new portable grinder range combines maximum flexibility, mobility
and ease of use to provide high quality grinding and tube polishing in the
workshop, on building and work sites, and difficult-to-reach areas. Being
portable, the range facilitates easy operation and also provides added safety
as the units are cordless and have a built-in shutdown mechanism in the event
of overheating or overloading.

The four models in Suhner’s ‘A’ Battery Series portable grinders feature
the latest generation of electric motor as well as efficient battery technology
as standard; powerful battery packs delivering a massive 18V for a total
capacity of 4 Ah; two battery packs supplied for continuous use; and robust and
durable design with a shock absorbent rubber jacket shielding the battery packs
from hard knocks.

The ergonomic, lightweight, lean and compact design helps the portable
grinders deliver user-friendly operation.

ATC 7 tube polishers

Perfect for polishing stainless steel and aluminium tubes up to 48mm in diameter,
the mobile ATC 7 tube polisher offers excellent manoeuvrability on tight elbows
while its wraparound angle of at least 180° ensures fast and efficient work. A detachable
guard protects the motor from coarse dust.

AKC 3 portable fillet weld

Specifically developed for metalwork, the AKC 3 portable fillet weld
grinder features a long neck for the user to reach tight spots on railings and
other metal structures. The weld grinder’s extremely low crosshead and 2.2kg weight
add to easy manoeuvring.

ASC 9 straight grinders

The mobile ASC 9 straight grinder works best with nonwoven brushes and
flap wheels, and is perfect for removing tarnish and blending matt surfaces. Key
features include high torque and even speed during operation; chuck system
minimising vibrations and ensuring quiet operation; choice of standard 6mm
chucks or a ¼-inch chuck; battery speed of 9,000 rpm; and 2kg unit weight with

ABC 7 belt grinder

Designed specifically for use in tight spaces when working in fillet
welds or mitres, the portable ABC 7 belt grinder delivers extremely fast
grinding and polishing belt changes, and can be fitted with 3mm, 6mm and 12mm
belts. Users can also choose from flexible options including six different
contact arms available for belts 3, 6, 12, 16, and 19mm wide. The ABC 7 operates
at a speed of 7,000 rpm and weighs just 2.4kg with the battery pack.

All four cordless tools are sold in a durable, hard wearing plastic case
with two batteries and fast charger unit.

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