Stronger together: WA Super Branch supports national supply network

Motion Australia Super Branch WA

Western Australia is home to some of the country’s largest export-oriented earthmoving and manufacturing operations.

From multi-site mining and materials processing, through to agriculture and OEMs designing equipment for some of the world’s most rugged environments, it is a region built on the success of local industrial businesses.

Nestled in Perth’s inner southeast, the suburb of Welshpool can be identified against the skyline by its three clusters of silo towers, built to hold large amounts of grain and poultry feed. It is here that Steve Burgess, regional business manager for Motion Australia, oversees the company’s WA Super Branch – a one-stop shop for all things industrial supply.

“In 2020, the originally separate BSC and CBC branches merged, providing a much more holistic service to the area,” he said.

“We have a retail shopfront, an office for the external sales team, and a warehouse out the back. By having mobile plant experts and dedicated distribution staff, we can effectively oversee segments like resources and manufacturing on a much broader scale.”

According to Burgess, establishing the Motion Industrial Centre as a key hub in the Motion Australia network has significantly benefitted both their own business and large customer base. He illustrates that having a centralised point of contact that can offer products and services across power transmission, hydraulics, mechanical componentry, and engineering has been paramount for maintaining valuable connections across the state and beyond.

“Customers can absolutely benefit from us being able to liaise with other Motion Australia businesses close by, like CRAM for gearbox repair, Seal Innovations, and Hardy Spicer,” he added. “This is a factor that we would like to utilise even more, and it’s important that our customers know just how diverse our offering is in this respect.”

In addition, the Motion Industrial Centre’s position – both geographically and within the national supply landscape – offers possibilities to navigate the current import and freight delays.

Being centrally located in Perth with representatives who are on the road and liaising face-to-face with customers, Burgess’ team can minimise the impact of blown out lead times, or offer alternative solutions based on expert knowledge of parts.

“Because of the supply chain challenges, we are living in a very reactive world,” he points out. “But that doesn’t mean we don’t try to be proactive with our customers. Open conversations can inform our forecasting, and help us to stay a few steps ahead. Our widespread footprint allows us to connect with branches all over the country to source and distribute critical stock in a relatively timely manner.”

“The culture within our team is fantastic, and that’s a key part of why everything here runs like a well-oiled machine” he added.

“What’s more, we always make sure to celebrate our wins. Our Warehouse Supervisor, Sajith, has been instrumental in the success of the combined branch as both a front- and back- room operation. He is approachable, enthusiastic, methodical and has a professional approach to all facets of our business.”

Sajith Kodituwakku has been in the warehouse field for about 25 years, with a diverse background across manufacturing, logistics, mining, and retail operations. He says that this experience has shaped his positive approach to management practices, with particular focus on open communication.

“I don’t like leaving people behind,” Kodituwakku explained. “I’m always checking in with my co-workers, even if it’s something small, to make sure we are all on the same page and feeling confident in our role for that day. Everyone has different ways that they work and communicate, so identifying and building on those strengths is key to running a smooth warehouse.”

Burgess describes Kodituwakku as an incredibly valuable asset to the Welshpool branch, and someone who reflects Motion Australia’s core values on a ground level every day.

“His personality and leadership are so intoxicating that we have experienced a roll-on effect to those around him, including his offsider, Aimee Hiscock” he enthuses. “So much of our success is thanks to his attention to detail, positive outlook, excellent time management with an ability to respond quickly to customer requirements.”

Kodituwakku’s day-to-day responsibilities include the processing of received goods, invoicing of orders, dispatch, and customer service. While he has extensive experience working for different organisations, he cites the company culture at Motion Australia as a key factor in his success since coming on board.

“What I love most is the people,” he reflected. “When you work in a warehouse, it’s not just about you. Everyone needs to operate as a team, and supporting each other plays a huge role in that. We spend so much time at work, so it makes sense that we’d do everything we can to make things easy for each other.”

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