Streamline your manufacturing processes – Assess, clean, simplify

Streamline your manufacturing processes – Assess, clean, simplify

A clean work environment is essential for product quality, worker safety, and regulatory compliance in any manufacturing premises. However, the traditional approach to cleaning can be time-consuming, labour-intensive, and inefficient.

This is where innovative technology and efficient cleaning processes unite to streamline manufacturing processes in three simple steps – Assess, Clean, and Simplify.

Assess current processes

Understanding where to improve, means accessing your current processes. This includes evaluating every step in the process, from raw materials to finished products. No one knows your processes like your employees do.

Employees are often the best source of information about potential inefficiencies and limitations. Get input from the team and involve them in the process of streamlining your operations.

Automate cleaning

Once you have assessed your current cleaning practices, you can begin to implement changes to streamline them and do our favourite thing, clean. A clean work environment just makes sense for all parties. It improves product quality, worker safety, regulatory compliance and employee morale.

In fact, a clean workplace has been proven to can boost productivity by up to five per cent.

One of the best solutions is to automate your cleaning processes. Say goodbye to the mop and bucket and hello to innovation, such as Tennant’s M20 & M30 ride-on scrubber-sweepers. Cutting out manual cleaning in your factory means you’ll get the cleaning done faster, to a higher standard, and for lower costs. But more importantly, it will give you more time back to focus on your production.

Simplify your operations

When you want to streamline your manufacturing processes, think less is more. Offering too many products, holding excess inventory and complex sales processes can impact your whole operations. If you can simplify your offering and current processes by automating your cleaning, you will be able to improve your operations and processes.

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