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Still time to adapt for auto suppliers: Grant Thornton

is still an opportunity for suppliers tied to Australia’s vehicle manufacturers
to find new markets, according to professional services firm Grant Thornton Australia.

Australian reports that Mark Phillips, head of Grant Thornton’s National Automotive Manufacturing team,
has called for calm among those looking to transition as Holden, Ford and
Toyota all end their car assembly operations by 2018.

“Three years is a lot of time
in an ­orderly process,’’ Phillips told The Australian.

“But unfortunately people are
putting messages out there that they have to react suddenly now. They don’t
need to panic.’’

Mark Albert, managing director of of MtM
established in 1965 as Melbourne Tooling Co and a component maker for all three
car companies – believes some businesses are unequipped to deal with the issue.

“It is a mindset,” he said. “To now ask the
supplier industry to go out and seek new markets is very unusual for them,
which is why a lot of them won’t survive”

MtM exports to destinations
in Asia, South Africa and South America, and has partnered with Tomcar Australia to make its all-terrain vehicle.


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