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NOW in its fifth year, the Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour Awards continues to grow, with 2007 seeing a record number of finalists in the history of the awards, and 2008 is shaping up to be a massive year for Australian manufacturing.

Not only will the Endeavour Award’s ceremony be held in conjunction with the 2008 National Manufacturing Week to be held in Sydney, but an exciting new category has just been announced.

According to Michael Reay, corporate brand manager, BlueScope Steel, the motivation behind the new award was the need to recognise the innovative use of this staple product and to highlight the broader application of steel as a material of modern life.

“The Australian Steel Innovation Award aims to recognise excellence in steel fabrication and manufacture through showcasing innovative products or projects made from Australian steel,” Reay said.

“The award is an incentive for supporting quality, Australian-made products at a time when the local steel industry is facing increased competition from imports.

“This is a great opportunity for fabricators, manufacturers, builders and engineers to showcase their products or projects made from Australian steel, and for BlueScope Steel to highlight the quality and service benefits that come from supporting Australian-made steel products.”

Reay says the award will attract a broad cross-section of Australian steel users from the manufacturing, engineering, building, mining and water industries.

“It is not only extremely important to recognise and acknowledge the achievements of Australian manufacturers, but also to encourage and support them.

“BlueScope Steel has a longstanding association with the Australian manufacturing industry and proudly supports the industry through the Steel By Brand Partnership Program, and as principle sponsor of the Endeavour Awards.”

The Australian Steel Innovation Award is open to all companies, irrespective of size that has a manufacturing presence in Australia. In order to do well in this category, Reay recommends that entrants clearly indicate how they have fulfilled a few key requirements of the award.

“They will need to demonstrate the innovative use of steel in their product or project, how it has offers benefits such as value and competitive advantages, as well as effective management and resolution of the challenges encountered and a commitment to using 100% recyclable, Australian-made steel.”

As well as the Australian Steel Innovation Award, the Endeavour Awards includes eight other key categories:

• Technology Application Award — for successful applications of new technology in manufacturing processes;

• Environmental Solution Award — for successful implementations of solutions to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing operations;

• Safety Scheme of the Year Award — for successful implementation of schemes to improve safety in manufacturing plants;

• Exporter of the year Award — for successfully entering or developing an export market with a new or existing locally made product;

• Innovative Consumer Product of the Year Award — for new consumer products;

• Innovative Industrial Product of the Year Award — for new industrial products;

• Young Manufacturer of the Year Award — for the rising stars of the Australian manufacturing industry; and the

• Global Integration Award — for Australian companies who have successfully engaged in global supply chains.

So don’t delay, this is your opportunity to become Australia’s Manufacturer of the Year for 2008. Remember entry is free, with the deadline for entries COB 29th February 2008.

For an application form contact Ashley Buncher on 02 9422 2944, email, or visit

For more information call Alan Johnson on 02 9422 2480, email or Katherine Crichton on 02 9422 2964.

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