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State Budget set to drive opportunities for the next generation of Queenslanders

The 2024-25 Queensland state budget has aimed $1.5 billion to support skills, training, employment and small businesses.

A range of grants, subsidies, employment programs and support measures are set to ensure more Queenslanders can access good, secure jobs.

These grants and programs also have the potential to ensure new and established small businesses can create jobs, grow, and thrive.

Premier Steven Miles said the budget will continue to grow employment numbers and ensure Queenslanders can get more well-paid jobs in high-demand industries.

“I recently released the Queensland Skills Strategy, which represents my vision for a well-equipped workforce, supporting a stronger economy.

“And now, this Budget supports that vision – with new and extended funding for more skills, better training facilities, and tailored small business support,” said Miles.

As a part of the $1.5 billion, the 2024-25 Queensland Budget allocated additional funding of $203.1 million over two years to help kickstart the new Good Jobs, Great Training: Queensland Skills Strategy 2024–2028.

This strategy involves funding more free and subsidised training for Queenslanders in health, social services, hospitality, clean energy, construction and other priority areas.

$101.7 million will also be allocated to the Big Build investment over four years to maintain TAFE Queensland classrooms, technology, and specialised learning facilities.

Additional funding of $19.7 million will support the delivery of the Queensland Small Business Strategy 2024-2027. This forms part of a total investment of over $250 million over three years to deliver a range of actions, including:

  • additional funding for grants to support businesses to implement workforce solutions
  • new investment in cybersecurity support and safer retail precincts
  • assistance to help small businesses recover from natural disaster events, including through wellness coaching and financial counselling
  • continuation of the small business grants program
  • expanded access to mentoring and upskilling for Indigenous businesses
  • access to free training under the Free TAFE program to ensure Queenslanders working in small businesses have the skills they need to succeed and grow.

Minister for Employment and Small Business and minister for Training and Skills Development, Lance McCallum said the investment recognises the outstanding results already seen in jobseekers, small businesses, and workforces.

“This Budget is going even further, to back Queenslanders who provide essential services – including our proud TAFE teachers, our next generation of nurses, and hardworking small business owners at the heart of local communities.

“With new and extended funding on the table, we’ll create more opportunities for Queenslanders to train and upskill, secure a good job, and contribute to a diverse and dynamic Queensland economy,” said McCallum.

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