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Start-up uses waste coffee, brewing malt, hemp in 3D printing feedstock

North Dakota, USA 3D printing business 3DomFuel grown its product mix to be three-tenths made up of novel filaments, including those made out of beer, coffee and hemp.

CNN Money reports that the company came across a local business mixing coffee waste with plastic last year, and borrowed the concept for filaments using waste from local roasters.

The product – called Wound Up – produces objects that are initially coffee-scented (though the smell wears off).

“It worked out so well for us that we wanted to try other intriguing materials,” co-founder John Schneider told CNN.

“We’re already experimenting with more materials to grow our offerings of recycled filaments.”

Also featured in the report are materials using industrial hemp and waste malt from brewing. notes that the materials are sold for around 60 – 80 per cent more than more commonly-used plastics such as ABS.


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