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Standard vertical honing machines

GEHRING’s E 630-series standard honing machine is suitable for component machining to size, shape, and upper surface.

The E 630-45 series — quick, powerful, and efficient.

It enables efficient and economical honing of workpieces with machining diameters of 3mm to 90mm and, depending on design, machining lengths of up to 350mm.

Typical applications include hydraulic housings, plain cutters, worm wheels, spray jet elements, pump cylinders, connecting rods, turbo charger housings and many other components, especially for automotive and hydraulic applications.

Being a market leader in honing technology pays off, as system solutions with intelligent, powerful components create significant cost benefits and enhanced quality in production.

The standard NC-controlled machines E 630-45 and E 630-90 all have this concept in common – with differing details.

Every feature is properly thought out, from the consistent ergonomic design, enabling fatigue-free work, through to the openly visible working area and stable, warp-resistant machine bed.

Having an integrating filtering and coolant unit, the E 630-series can be installed in extremely confined spaces where efficient and reliable production can take place:

* Flexible jig and tool system for the quickest production-changeover.

* Optimal stock removal accelerates the precise machining process.

* Strict compliance with all national and international accident prevention regulations is guaranteed.

Other features include:

* Required process parameters, input via clearly arranged menu control, enable the user to save up to 100 tool records and up to 100 workpiece programs.

* Teach-in function for quick setting of stroke points and automatic saving of axle positions to the controller.

* Over-ride function for quick change of database parameters, even during honing operation. Enables even short stroking for blind bores.

The controller monitors stone wearing and features automatic tool wearing compensation to ensure maximum machining quality.

A wide range of options is available for individual tooling of the E 630-series models. They include:

* Designed as twin-spindle machine for multistage honing processes

* Multi-position, circular phase table for honing, measuring and brushing

* Chiller unit to maintain oil temperature with 150-litre honing oil capacity and a filling quantity of 120 litres

* Automatic loading and unloading systems

* Manual loading and unloading extending table

* Pneumatic post-process measuring unit for correcting finished size and cylinder format through automatic stroke adjustment using “Cylindromatic” feedback control.

* Gehring Teleservice for remote diagnosis.

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